11 thoughts on “No. 1 – Fall – Oct 2015

  1. BJ and Brandon,

    After reading the other fine stories, by a damn impressive group of writers, I’m even more lucky than usual to have been included in this first issue of Flash Bang Mysteries. I appreciate the hell out of your momentary lack of judgement to go with my story. I’m also honored and proud to be here. Nothing but the best of wishes for you guys with this endeavor. – Jim

    1. Jim,

      This is an awesome way to start a new publication, but it has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with you and the other amazing writers who submitted your great work. We are eternally grateful to all the writers who entrusted us with their stories (whether we accepted them or not), and we look forward to a long and successful future here at Flash Bang Mysteries.

  2. Great first issue.

    Jim Wilsky could write a grocery list and make it mesmerizing. I’m a huge fan; thanks for including him in your inaugural issue.

    1. Dan,
      Anything you want or need? Lawn mowed? Leaves?….hell, how about grocery shopping? I’m at your service. Seriously, thanks so much for the kind words. – JW

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